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Micah Snow


Alasdair Dunn


Hailing from Glasgow, Scotland, Farseer are a power metal assault on the senses. Combining intricate guitar work and soaring vocals alongside thunderous drums and bass Farseer have carved their way into the hearts of their fans. Retaining the speed commonplace to power metal while never sacrificing melody, each song penned has its own unique personality. 


Live performances are where Farseer flourish. With fists in the air and voices raised high the band have always ensured the audience leaves having experienced more than just a live performance.


In 2012 Farseer released their first E.P. Chthonic Visions to positive reviews while supporting massive bands over the following years such as Sabaton (Swe), Freedom Call (Ger), Firewind (Gre) as well as completing a tour with Regardless of Me (Ita) and a second tour with Darkest Era (Ire).

In 2016 Farseer released their debut album Fall Before the Dawn to critical and fan acclaim. Following several high profile support slots Farseer were signed to Killer Metal Records in 2017 with Fall Before the Dawn being re-released in 2018 to a worldwide audience.