Fall Before The Dawn Review Samples



"...One of the most impressive independent, debut Metal albums I’ve heard in recent years." - The Mayfair Mall Zine

“Fall Before The Dawn is Farseer's debut record and it's one that shows that they have a real professionalism about them it's an accomplished debut, that grabs you from the off, for power metal fans this might be one of the albums of the year. 9/10” – Musipedia of Metal

“This is their debut album. Mind boggles! If this is how they enter the heavy metal record industry, it’d be interesting to toy with the idea of how big they could make it.” – The Midlands Rocks

“…as a palate-cleanser from the steady diet of bullet-belted denim’n’leather metal that dominates my listening habits, ‘Fall before the Dawn’ really hits the spot. 8/10” – True Metal Lives

“Farseer execute high quality melodic metal with power and grace, and Fall Before the Dawn should gain appeal from those seeking well-constructed songs from classic influences yet taking full advantage of modern production values.” – Dead Rhetoric

“Only half way through 2016 and it is turning out to be a good year for UK power metal[…]Farseer releasing debut album ‘Fall Before The Dawn’” – Loud Stuff​


Chthonic Visions Review Samples



“With Chthonic Visions Farseer does Scottish Metal proud” – www.postblogas.com


“Farseer are a band who should be heard, so do just that and give “Chthonic Visions” a crack!” – Destructive-music.com


 “...They truly know the way to deliver quality power metal. 8/10” – Behindtheveil


“If any band know how to give a crowd what they want, it’s Farseer” – Jenny Tate Blog


“Farseer have released their new EP, Chthonic Visions which is the finest power metal album of 2012 so far...Chthonic Visions is an EP that is jammed full of the most catchy chorus’s ever. 9/10” – www.Planetmosh.com


“Farseer’s Chthonic Visions is a worthy addition to the NWOBHM resurgence and a rock solid debut effort from a band that already shows considerable talent and skill...so expect more from one of Scotland’s bands to watch” – www.harvestmoonmusic.com

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“Their adroit power metal is emotive, with seemingly non-stop lead guitar skilfully entwined with it all” – Terrorizer.com

"First up were local talent Farseer, a band that really made their mark on us as David Bisset, David Connolly, Jon Stewart, Stu Clark and Craig Rooney really showed what Scotland has to offer the metal world, with their short but impressive set." - The Mayfair Mall Zine


"Their galloping sound and falsetto vocal style was delivered with good energy on a stage where if you put just one more amp on or move that little bit quickly...you might get hurt!" - Thesludgelord.blogspot.co.uk


“From the opening track "Nightmares Collide" to the set's closer "Chthonic Visions" - the title tune from the upcoming release, they proved that they were in the right place and at the right time.” – Noizzeater.com


“This is everything that power metal should be. Catchy choruses, shredding solos and harmony guitars abound during another fairly short but very entertaining set” – Vagabondofthewesternworld.wordpress.com


“They’re not your typical power metal band, Farseer breathe life into the genre which in most cases sees a lot of the same!” – K33pthesecret.com