01. Omen of the Reaper

02. Nightmares Collide

03. Second Strike

04. Game of the Gods

05. Chthonic Visions


All music and lyrics © 2010 Farseer. All rights reserved.

Logo by Valgorth

Cover Artwork: Jason Hicks | Booklet Artwork: David Connolly

Produced by Farseer

Engineered by David Connolly

Mixed and Master by Scott McLean

Recorded at Farseer Studios 2011

Piano Track on 5 by Scott McLean

"Scotland has once again brought into the metal scene a band that can only be described as… BLOODY WELL AWESOME! Farseer really have shown that with Chthonic Visions you don’t have to be big and signed to a huge label to release a brilliant record, and that by cutting back on keyboard parts you can actually sound a hell of a lot better! [9/10]"


"Their debut EP Chthonic Visions is a fist-pumping journey back to the days when Maiden and Priest dominated heavy metal."


"I could listen to Chthonic Visions forever and never grow tired of it."


"With Chthonic Visions Farseer does Scottish Metal Proud, I’ve said for a while now that Scotland needs more melodic/power/traditional metal bands, and for the last few years Farseer have been filling this role nicely."


"They also manage to filter their influences through their personal taste and because of that the songs sound really interesting and have personality. 8/10"